NEW AND UPDATED: Bacterial Cholangitis information and downloadable leaflet

Do you know the signs of bacterial cholangitis in PSC? Unless you've experienced a cholangitis attack, it can be difficult to recognise the first time. Equally, doctors inexperienced in PSC can miss the signs.

Left untreated, bacterial cholangitis can cause serious complications such as sepsis. If you think you have bacterial cholangitis, urgent medical care is required so you will need to be assessed by A&E, your GP or PSC doctor.

With leading PSC experts, we've updated our information on bacterial cholangitis to help you recognise the signs and seek the right medical help. The information is available to download in our new leaflet.


#SepsisWeek #PSCAwarenessWeek #SepsisAwarenessMonth #WorldSepsisDay 13 September 2017