Perspectum Diagnostics - Opportunity to be a Participant in Research

We've received details of an opportunity to take part in a study looking at a new kind of MRI scan. The research team are looking for a small number of people with PSC to have these scans:

Repeatability and Reproducibility of Quantitative MRCP

This is a repeatability and reproducibility study into ‘MRCP+’, a piece of software developed by Perspectum Diagnostics which analyses MRI scan images of the Biliary Tree. The aim of the study is to see how well and consistently the piece of software is working at analysing these images. To take part, you will need to have a biliary tree related condition like PSC, and be able to undergo six 10 minute MRI scans in Oxford. All expenses for the study will be covered, and a reward for participation is also offered.

UK Locations: Oxford

Primary Contact: Andy McKay

Q&A about this study

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