Resolution proposal - meeting 23 September 2017

As part of ongoing actions to modernise our charity, we will ask you to vote on a resolution to update the objects of PSC Support's Constitution at our meeting on 23 September 2017. This will allow us to continue our work to improve the lives of those affected by PSC and related conditions (such as bile duct cancer and inflammatory bowel disease), including collaborating with other organisations to educate and raise awareness around issues that affect people with PSC.

It is proposed that, following the written consent of the Charity Commission dated 11 July 2017 the Charity’s objects be altered as follows:

1. The relief of those suffering from liver diseases or disorders (in particular but without limitation PSC), and related disorders;
2. The advancement of public awareness of PSC, other liver disease and related disorders; and
3. The advancement of both the treatment and prevention of PSC and other liver disease and related disorders.


The current objects are:

Clause 2 General Aims

The relief of sickness of people suffering from liver diseases or disorders, including relieving the needs of their carers.


Meeting details

Date: Saturday 23 September 2017 12pm-3:45pm

Venue: John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford (Dr Roger Chapman and Dr Kate Williamson)

It is free to attend but please register first.


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Added: 25 July 2017