Comedy podcast for PSC Support

Sanspants Radio has just released a podcast called ‘The Message’ on PodKeep where all proceeds are being donated to PSC Support. The podcast is a D&D is for Nerds Animal Adventure where they are little creatures with a special message to deliver.

“In this very special charity campaign the D&D is for Nerds crew take on the role of small defenceless critters with a very important message to deliver and very little time to do it in. Small and alone, in a hostile world of dangers, a few brave heroes must find a way to overcome villains far greater than themselves while keeping their own hope alive. Questioning themselves and the monumental task before them, will they succeed where stronger creatures fail? Can their strength, bravery, wisdom and faith exceed their small stature? And can they even succeed in time before their limited magic runs out? What chance could such small woodland creatures stand against these monumental odds? But, when destiny calls, they will deliver.”


Many thanks to PSCer Mark Chatterley (who set up Podkeep) and Sanspants Radio for their generosity in donating all proceeds from the sales of this adventure to PSC Support.

If you want to listen to it, go to PodKeep and pay whatever amount you like. The opening chapter possibly has the best explanation of living PSC we’ve heard, direct from Mark who has had PSC for a number of years.