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PSC Support Research Project Grants

We welcome grant applications for PSC-related research. PSC Support employs strict peer review processes to ensure we fund only the highest quality research.

Grant amounts and funding application deadline will be set and announced in October this year. This funding round is now open. Applications may be considered outside these dates in exceptional circumstances and subject to funds.


Our Research Funding Process

For each funding application, written peer reviewers (three scientific experts and two lay experts drawn from the PSC Support Expert Panel) will submit scores and comments to the PSC Support Expert Panel according to set criteria.

PSC Support will obtain written external review prior to being passed on to the Expert Panel where the Expert Panel does not have sufficient expertise, or where the grant is over £50,000. External reviewers may be from the wider research and clinical community, or have special expertise in relation to a funding application. PSC Support will work with the Expert Panel to identify appropriate external reviewers.

The Expert Panel will consider the written peer review comments/scores to agree their recommendations to the Trustees of PSC Support. The Trustees of PSC Support have the final decision regarding funding research projects.

Where there is a potential conflict of interest (including when a reviewer or Trustee is from the same institution as the applicant) or a member declares a conflict of interest, they shall not be party to any decision or have sight of the application form. Please see our Conflicts of Interest Policy for full details.


Application Appraisal Criteria

Appraisal criteria infomation.


Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Panel Members, Reviewers, Applicants and PSC Support when dealing with research applications.


Animal Research

PSC Support is currently working towards membership of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC).

PSC Support appreciates that research using animals plays an important role in the research process and we support the principle of using animals when it is necessary to advance the understanding of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis and associated conditions to develop treatment when there is no alternative that can be used to find out the same information without using animals. We use expert peer review to ensure that we fund only high quality research where the benefits to human health outweigh any harm to animals.

We support the AMRC statement on animal research.

See our Use of Animals in Research Policy


Any Queries?

If you have any questions regarding our funding, please get in touch.

Applicants sometimes contact us to ask informally about the appropriateness of their application and seek advice about our remit. Such enquiries are dealt with by charity staff who are not scientific experts and will only advise if an application isn’t suitable for funding when it is clearly outside our remit. Charity staff will not comment on likelihood of securing funding from PSC Support because all applications must go through the independent peer review process prior to any decisions about funding.


Documents to Download


Application Form

Application Form (Apr 18)


Standard Terms and Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions