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Ask the Expert 2 – Dr Kathy McKay

Ask the Expert: Dr Kathy McKay

PSC and Wellbeing

Tuesday 2nd June at 5pm (UK)

Dr Kathy McKay

Updated 12 June 2020

Ask the Expert

In a series of live 'Ask the Expert' sessions within our Facebook group, you have the chance to get answers to your PSC-related questions.

Dr Kathy McKay

Our second Ask the Expert guest was Dr Kathy McKay, a Research Associate at the University of Liverpool and Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, via Australia. Her work focuses on how people talk about they way they've pieced their lives back together after something had changed it. She was also a key part of the recent PSC Wellbeing Study.

Dr McKay answered your questions about PSC and wellbeing on 02 June 2020. Is our wellbeing important? What are the biggest issues for people living with a rare disease? Can people with PSC use different strategies to protect their wellbeing?

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The video was originally liver streamed into our Facebook group and later added to YouTube: