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Ask the Expert with UK-PSC: PSC Research in the UK and Beyond

Ask the Expert with UK-PSC

Palak Trivedi Expert Panel PSC Support
Simon Rushbrook Expert Panel

PSC Research: the UK and Beyond

Thursday 29th October at 7-8pm (UK)

Ask the Expert with UK-PSC

We're delighted to be back with another 'Ask the Expert' session, this time, joined by leading experts from UK-PSC to talk about PSC research.

UK-PSC comprises of leading PSC researchers and specialists working to better understand PSC and a registry of over 2,000 PSC patients from the UK. UK-PSC is at the heart of PSC research and we hope to see several new clinical trials for PSC coming to the UK in the next year.

Join us for our live stream Q&A

We plan to go live on our Facebook Page to give anyone the chance to ask questions about PSC research, whether a member of our Facebook group or not. All you need to do is go to our Page (or watch for notifications if you already 'like' our Page) at 7pm on Thursday and type your questions into the comments underneath.

Dr Simon Rushbrook and Dr Palak Trivedi

Drs Rushbrook and Trivedi are members of PSC Support's Expert Panel, and both leading members of the UK-PSC consortium.

29th October 2020

This special Q&A will be held on PSC Awareness Day (29th October) because we want to educate both patients and family/friends about PSC and emphasise why finding effective treatment is so important, and what it will take to find one.

Please let your friends and family know, and remember, they don't need to be members of our private Facebook group to access this session.

Do your bit!

Get a PSC Facebook profile picture frame for Awareness Day. Go to your profile picture to update it. It the update section there is an option to add a frame. Type PSC Awareness Day and choose from a purple or white banner. Facebook automatically switches back to your original picture after a few days.

Please look out for #LetsBeatPSC and #PSCAware and like or share our social media posts when you see them!

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who supports our work throughout the year, be that volunteering time, donating or fundraising. We cannot do it without you. PSC Awareness Day is a chance for us all to make some noise about PSC.

#PSCAware #LetsBeatPSC