Ben McDermott

Ben’s been on the liver transplant list for a while now - over 160 days to be exact (at the time of writing), and as you can imagine is feeling ill. Despite this, Ben has organised a 24 hour ride-athon raising over £2,000 from the day alone, not including the sponsorship money.
Not only that, but he is organising a triathlon event: the PSC Support 2012 Challenge. It is being held on 21 April and will involve 7 miles cycling, 7 miles running and 7 miles on horseback. Some competitors will be doing all three disciplines and some will complete the challenge as a relay team, with a different team member for each phase.
Ben is also raising awareness for PSC Support and organ donation. He has appeared in several local newspapers telling his story as he waits for a donor liver.
Ben is truly an inspiration to us all. Despite being on the liver transplant list, he still finds the time and energy to make a difference to others. We are thrilled at PSC Support and thank Ben and his wife Sarah for all their fundraising and for raising awareness of PSC, PSC Support and organ donation.
Check out Ben’s blog
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Ben, we hope you get that call soon...

Update: Ben got that call and had a liver transplant in May 2012.

Giddy-Up All Night 24-hour Ride-athon

Ben McDermott was diagnosed with PSC back in 2004 and was put on the Liver Transplant List in November 2011. At the time of writing he has been on the list for 156 days and do you know what? It hasn’t stopped Ben organising and participating in a 24 hour ride-athon, raising well over £2000 for PSC Support, and that’s not including the sponsorship money.
I was lucky enough to be able to get to the Ride-athon which was in full swing over 18 hours in when I arrived on the Sunday afternoon with my family. I was staggered by the huge support Ben had behind him from his friends and family. It was simply awesome!
The Ride-athon involved Othello, a friendly horse-riding simulator at Ben’s local horse riding school, Carrington Riding Centre. Othello took onboard jockeys in half hour slots from 7pm 31st March to 7pm 1st April. He kept going throughout the night, as did Ben and his wife Sarah, who stayed awake for the full 24 hours. Ben took the first and last ride of the event.
Othello wasn’t the only attraction; there was a tombola, raffles, face-painting, a nail bar, jewellery making, salt-dough craft, pony-riding - all in aid of PSC Support. Ben had used our logo and created posters and adverts, t-shirts, and even PSC Pete, a cuddly little pony, complete with a neckerchief proudly displaying our logo.

Thank you to Ben and all his friends and family for running this fantastic event and raising money for PSC Support.