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PSC Survey Insights Part 1

Cholangitis attacks

We are delighted to share our first insights following the PSC Support survey we launched last year to help shape PSC research design.

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UK-PSC Guidelines Launched

PSC Guidelines Explained by PSC Support

The UK-PSC Guidelines for managing PSC were officially launched last week. Our summary of the recommendations and what they mean for care.

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PSC600: A UK-PSC Initiative

PSC600 PSC Support Research Award

PSC Support announces new funding for research to track 600 PSC patients over 5 years. The research will study patients in the UK-PSC biobank.

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The PSC Wellbeing Study Update

PSC Wellbeing Study

After identifying that there was a significant impact on emotional wellbeing when living with PSC, yet a lack of psychological support for both patients and their loved ones, PSC Support commissioned research to address this situation. Publication in BMJ.

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