Huge thanks to Clare, our new fundraiser supporter, who organised a Ladies Charity Day at her local bowling club. It was a huge success and Clare was able to tell her friends and family about PSC and and PSC Support, and how their generous donations totaling over £1,000 will be used. Clare reports:

I was diagnosed with PSC in 2006 at the age of 18, and as with all PSCers I’ve had my ups and downs! I joined the charity in 2012, as did my Mum (Anne Blake) and sister (Laura-Ann Macdougall). Immediately we wanted to do our bit to help and so on Sunday 1 July we held a Ladies Charity Day at our local bowling club where Mum is Lady President.

The day started as a typical dreich Scottish Sunday morning. However the weather didn’t dampen our spirits. Mum welcomed the ladies and then the spotlight was on me. We had already prepared information sheets for everyone to take away with details of the disease and the charity but I wanted to make sure that everyone understood how it feels to have this disease from a sufferer’s point of view.

After giving a quick definition of what the disease is and how PSC Support helps people like me and my family, I then explained my story. Many of the ladies knew I was unwell but had never really been given the details of what I was suffering from. By the time I had finished talking about when I was diagnosed and how it felt to have this disease there wasn’t a dry eye in the house and after the tissues had been handed round it was time to start bowling.

Now what you need to know is that Mum is a rather good bowler and since we were her daughters there was a presumption that we would be good bowlers too…unfortunately this wasn’t the case. We tried our best though and thoroughly enjoyed the day and I even got a few offers to join a couple of local bowling clubs - I can’t have been as bad as I thought!

Not everyone could bowl at the same time and for those who weren’t out on the green there were plenty of fundraising opportunities inside: decorate your own cupcakes (supplied by Blake’s Cakes, a.k.a Laura-Ann), tombola, raffles, and yummy homemade tablet and macaroons made by Mum! We also had some organ donation merchandise available as this is also a key part of the progression of PSC.

Everyone commented on how much they enjoyed the day and I had a lot of ladies asking questions and chatting to me about the disease which was encouraging to know that they were genuinely concerned and interested to learn more about this relatively unknown disease.

The end of the day came far too quickly and once the raffles had been drawn and the winning bowls pair had been awarded their prizes it was time to say thank you and announce the total. I think by this point the generosity and concern shown by the ladies got a little overwhelming for Mum and so I acted as ventriloquist and thanked everyone for their truly touching generosity.

Our total at the end of the day was £773 but we still received donations after the event and so our final total as of today is £1000. We are over the moon that we have managed to raise this money for such a good cause and we would like to thank everyone for their good wishes! Thank you!

Clare, Anne & Laura-Ann