Clear fluids

Ideas for clear fluids before a colonoscopy

What can I drink on the ‘clear fluids’ day of my colonoscopy?

As a rule of thumb, it’s no pulp, no red or purple, no bits, nothing thickened, and no milk!

Sugary drinks can be helpful to provide energy. Here are some suggestions for clear fluids before your colonoscopy. If in doubt, please check with your healthcare provider.



Tea and black coffee without milk or cream

Flavoured water (no red or purple)

Clear, light coloured juices without pulp e.g. apple, white grape, lemonade and white cranberry

Clear broth including chicken, beef, or strained vegetable, strained miso

Bovril, Oxo, Marmite mixed into weak drinks with hot water


Fizzy drinks sports drinks such Lucozade (light colours only)

Ice lollies without fruit or cream (no red or purple ones)

Jellies without fruit (no red or purple dye)

Boiled sweets (not the red or purple ones)

Clear mints

Herbal teas (not the red or purple ones)

Not allowed






Orange juice

Grapefruit juice

Tomato juice

Soup (other than clear broth)

Cooked cereal

Juice, ice lollies, or gelatins, sweets, jellies, drinks (ANYTHING!) with red or purple dye

Jellies that are red or purple

Drinks or soups thickened with flour or other thickening agents

Before your clear fluids day, you may be asked to eat low residue foods.

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