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Clinical Trial to Test Bezafibrate in PSC

Survey report

PSC Support is working with researchers to design a clinical trial to test whether the drug bezafibrate is beneficial for people with PSC.

Focus Group

In order to understand patient views, PSC Support and Dr Palak Trivedi (University of Birmingham) are working with a dedicated focus group comprising of people with PSC from around the United Kingdom. They have been meeting using video conferencing and have discussed every aspect of this trial in depth.


To support these views, we also ran an online survey, inviting people to take part by sharing the survey through our social media channels and newsletter.

We asked questions about willingness to take part in a clinical trial to test bezafibrate, barriers to taking part, willingness to have a biopsy and opinions about potential endpoints.

The survey ran for 32 days (14 February to 16 March 2020).

There were 150 respondents. We are grateful for the time people have given in sharing their important views.

Clinical Trial to Test Bezafibrate in PSC


Bezafibrates for PSC PSC Support

Important Lessons Learned


Survey Information

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Opinions and Results

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Clinical Trial to Test Bezafibrate in PSC - Survey Report (PSC Support). Original publication date: 28th March 2020

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