A close shave for Chloe

Chloe's cousin Keera has PSC. She wanted to do something different to raise money for PSC Support and we think you'll agree that she did!

On the last day of February, Chloe shaved off all her hair for charity, splitting the proceeds between PSC Support and Cancer Research UK.


"It feels good to have done something that could help save Keera's life," explained Chloe. "Love you so much Keera, you're worth more to me than any amount of hair on my head."

Thank you, Chloe for going the extra mile to make a difference to people with PSC. It was an amazing way of raising awareness and money, and we truly appreciate it here at PSC Support. You rock, and you also look beautiful both with and without your hair!


If you are touched by Chloe's actions, let her know! There is still time to donate on her JustGiving page.