Code of Conduct

Code of conduct for Expert Panel members including the Scientific Review Committee, external reviewers, applicants and PSC Support

The Scientific Review Committee is part of the PSC Support Expert Panel. This Code of Conduct applies to all Expert Panel members including the Scientific Review Committee, external reviewers, applicants and PSC Support.

  • Details of research applications and related correspondence, and Scientific Review Committee meetings’ papers are strictly confidential and must be kept secure and not disseminated to or discussed with others outside the review process.
  • External reviewers and Scientific Review Committee members must agree to treat all details of applications and their outcomes as confidential.
  • Scientific Review Committee members and external reviewers can expect their appraisals to be treated in confidence by PSC Support. When we inform applicants of the outcome of their applications, we provide anonymous versions of reviewers’ comments, and may also summarise the conclusion reached by the Scientific Review Committee. Information that might identify the comments of individual reviewers is never revealed.
  • Applicants can expect that details of their applications will not be disclosed to those outside the review process by PSC Support.
  • Reviewers will be notified by the Trustees of PSC Support of the final decisions of any applications they have reviewed.
  • Any member of the Expert Panel who declares a conflict of interest (including a current association with an institution applying for a grant) will not participate in that activity. For example, if a conflict of interest is declared by a Scientific Review Committee Member, they will not receive the application(s) nor will be present for discussion of the application(s) at the Scientific Review Committee meeting.
  • Applicants must not make direct contact with members of the Expert Panel.

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