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Dr Deepak Joshi Joins the PSC Support Expert Panel

Dr Deepak Joshi

PSC Support Expert Panel

Dr Deepak Joshi PSC Support Expert Panel

We are delighted to announce that Dr Deepak Joshi has joined the PSC Support Expert Panel.

The PSC Support Expert Panel provides insight, scientific direction, and expertise to PSC Support. Its members include recognised authorities from leading academic and medical institutions on the clinical management and/or research of PSC. Members devote their time and expertise to improving the lives of people with PSC and gives their time freely to the PSC Support Expert Panel activities.

Dr Joshi is a consultant transplant hepatologist and lead for pancreatico-biliary medicine at King's College Hospital, London.

Dr Joshi helps the liver transition services supporting the safe transfer of paediatric patients into adult services. He is an advanced biliary endoscopist performing procedures in adults and children. He leads the biliary clinical trials portfolio at King's. He is a member of the BSG liver committee since 2016.

We've worked with Dr Josh for a number of years, including co-hosting a PSC Support Information Day pre-COVID. In September 2020, Dr Joshi joined us for an excellent online Ask the Expert session about ERCPs, which is a special procedure involving the bile ducts: