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Dr Jess Dyson: What’s New in Autoimmune Liver Disease

Useful timepoints in video

  • Start to 23m 15s Environmental factors related to autoimmune liver disease
  • 23m 16s Primary biliary cholangitis
  • 32m 51s Itch medications
  • 37m 20s Fatigue (in PBC but relevant to PSC)
  • 38m 10s Autoimmune hepatitis

Environmental factors related to autoimmune liver disease

Consultant hepatologist Dr Jess Dyson, member of PSC Support's Expert Panel, talks about her research interest in why people get autoimmune liver diseases at a recent LIVErNORTH patient meeting. Her work focuses on the fact that the influence of genetics on the development of autoimmune liver disease is only part of the story, and that environmental factors that may also contribute to the development of PSC, PBC (primary biliary cholangitis) and AIH (autoimmune hepatitis).

Dr Dyson's work shows that there are more people with autoimmune liver disease in some geographical areas than one would expect  (clusters), suggesting that there may be some elements of the environment in those areas that are related to PSC, PBC and AIH.

In particular, Dr Dyson, when looking at the North of England, found more PSC patients in Cumbria and Carlisle than in other areas of the region. She controlled for population density in each area, so we know the effect is not just because more people live in those areas.

This talk is very interesting! You'll find yourself pondering about possible environmental risk factors in your own life. The talk is interesting and informative, and the audience is super engaged - plenty of great questions asked (and answered!).


LIVErNORTH is a national liver patient support group based at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne. They support people with any liver disease and are members of the Liver Patients' Transplant Consortium.