Emma Hopley planned to get married to Dave Amison on December 30 2015. Unfortunately, following a prolonged stay in hospital and deterioration of her condition, Emma and Dave were forced to cancel their wedding. Instead, they were married on 27 December 2015 in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

The very next day, the long-awaited message came through that a liver had been found for Emma; she could at last have a life-saving transplant that evening. That night, Dave had a long wait while Emma had her transplant. In fact it took over 13 hours of surgery, an additional surgeon, and a second donor liver as the first liver sadly didn't work for her.

Since her transplant, Emma has been fighting hard to overcome a chest infection.  The QEH clinicians have been dedicated in keeping Emma as comfortable as possible while her body accepts the new liver and fights off the infection. It is still early days for Emma, and PSC Support and the whole PSC community wishes her continued recovery so that she and Dave can begin their new life together.

Emma and Dave attracted the attention of the media over the Christmas period, and they've appeared in the news and radio:

BBC Radio Stoke 30 December 2015 from 2hours 20mins (Available until 28 January 2016).

Birmingham Mail 30 December 2015

Crewe Chronicle 30 December 2015

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