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Flu Vaccinations 2020/21

More people eligible for a free flu jab

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Flu vaccination programme

This year’s flu vaccination programme is more vital than ever, because the virus that causes COVID-19 is still circulating. For that reason, each nation of the UK is extending its winter flu programme so that more people can have a free flu jab.

Are you eligible?

As usual, anyone with PSC or who has had a transplant is eligible for a flu vaccination in the UK because PSC is a long term liver disease.

Importantly, household members of those who received shielding letters during the COVID-19 pandemic can request the flu vaccination via their GP. Note you will not be called for the vaccination; you must take the lead and ask.

In addition people aged 50 and above (usually it is 65 years) who would not usually be eligible will be offered a flu vaccination (likely to be in December, if there are enough supplies).

A phased approach

A phased approach is being taken so that those at highest risk are prioritised to receive their vaccines first. This means it is unlikely each person in your household will get their flu jab on the same day.

Check GP's website

With electronic prescriptions being sent directly to chemists, it is easy to miss messages about the flu clinics offered. Check your own GP's website to see what arrangements are being made and when for you.

National information

The following links take you to flu vaccine information for each country: