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The Vitality Big Half Marathon


Fiona took part in the Vitality Big Half in March 2020 to raise funds for PSC Support.

'My husband Dave was diagnosed with PSC in 2017 although probably had the condition for many years. We really did not know what to expect and the information provided by PSC Support was invaluable to us.

Unfortunately, the disease progressed quickly for Dave and, in September 2019, he underwent a liver transplant. Now we are almost 6 months on and I am so happy to say that he is making a remarkable recovery. It is nothing short of a miracle and would not be possible without organisations such as PSC Support, the wonderful NHS and, of course, the totally selfless act of our Donor and the Donor's family.

It is hard to watch someone suffering through this disease and sadly not everyone gets a 2nd chance like us. Raising money in this way is my small contribution to those who have enabled such a major life change for us. I am optimistic that with time and research we can beat this awful disease #LetsBeatPSC!'

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