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Take the Plunge for PSC

Karen, Deirdre, Clare and Susan

Take the plunge for PSC

Karen, Deirdre, Susan and Clare have got together to raise funds for PSC Support. They are all affected by PSC in different ways and their paths have crossed over the past few years because of PSC.


'Susan is a registered nurse with 45 years of experience behind her, she was also a Trustee for PSC Support in the past. Karen is Susan’s eldest daughter, a talented freelance hairdresser also studying herbology. Susan’s son (and Karen’s brother), Callum was diagnosed with PSC and ulcerative colitis (UC) in 2008 at the age of 19. Callum’s health has deteriorated recently and he is now on the liver transplant waiting list. Karen is also going through an assessment to potentially become a live donor for her brother.

When Callum was diagnosed, Susan created links with other people locally in Scotland who were also affected by PSC and met with Clare and her mum, Anne. Clare had already had major abdominal surgery for UC and at the time was very jaundiced and listed for a liver transplant. She waited a phenomenal 10 days for her transplant and was back at work within 3 months. Since her transplant she has taken on the British Transplant Games and takes every opportunity to promote organ donation. She is a total inspiration to us all. Although Clare has done really well physically, holding down a busy job as a Paralegal and enjoying horse riding, unfortunately PSC has returned in her new liver.'


Deirdre’s daughter, Darragh, was diagnosed with UC and PSC when she was 14 years old. They both joined the PSC Support Facebook group and linked up with Susan. Darragh is very creative and has travelled to and lived in South America, but is now hoping to study at Edinburgh’s Queen Margaret University to enhance her opportunities in the creative industry. PSC and UC are, however, causing Darragh some health challenges at the moment.

We all agree that a cure needs to be found for PSC. It is such a  complex and debilitating disease, affecting  both the physical and mental health of people living with it. In an effort to help aid research to find a cure, we have organised some fun fundraising events for PSC Support. Some amazing friends have also contributed and added to our fundraising pot.

What have we got planned?

The crazy ‘Christmas Crackers’, Karen and Deirdre, plan to plunge themselves into the sea at Portobello beach in Edinburgh at dawn on Christmas Day. They say it’s good for your immune system and for your mental health. They have been practising, so let’s hope we get a good few folk supporting them along the way. So far the funds are flowing in which is very encouraging for them both. The thought of this event spreading across the country is quite exciting, so maybe others could join in the ‘fun’ and do their own Christmas Day plunge!?

We also plan to raffle approximately £2,000 worth of gifts that have been generously donated locally. These include beauty and spa treatments, hairstyling appointments, a herbal kitchen gift box, Asda vouchers and many more luxury surprises.

As Deirdre and Susan work together in a Primary Care setting, they are also planning a coffee morning where they hope to sell some of the raffle tickets.

A few creative friends have also very kindly assisted the fundraising by selling homemade candles and a unique grid, selling squares for £2 each where people will have the chance to win £100 worth of vouchers for Temple Spa treatments, as well as £100 going to PSC Support. We cannot thank everyone enough for their individual contributions.

So far we’ve had a phenomenal response, but we’re not finished yet so watch this space...'

If you'd like to help the team raise funds for PSC Support, you can donate to their fundraising page here. Don't forget to leave them a message of support for their Christmas Day dip too!

Want to do your own Christmas Day plunge for PSC Support?

Do you want to join Karen and Deirdre in raising awareness of PSC on Christmas Day by taking the plunge at your local beach? Let us know!

How do I start fundraising?

First of all, thank you for wanting to fundraise for us! Start off by requesting one of our free fundraising packs. They have everything you need to get started, including fundraising ideas and resources to help you along the way!

Where does my money go?

When you donate or fundraise for PSC Support, every penny counts.
PSC Support is the UK's only PSC charity and we're tirelessly working to improve the lives of people affected by PSC.

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