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Mount Kilimanjaro Trek

Fundraising challenges Kilimanjaro

Climb the highest freestanding mountain in the world! Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain on the African continent at 5896m. Its snow-capped summit rises high above the dusty African plains; huge permanent glaciers flow down from the summit, spectacular views and beautiful ice formations are the reward for pushing your limits both physically and mentally.

Step 1: Check out your challenge

Kilimanjaro PSC Support DA

Step 2: Book your challenge

Please choose the 'Full Payment' option when booking so that you are not asking your friends and family to sponsor the cost of your challenge. PSC Support is not able to fund any of your Trip Costs.

Step 3: Start fundraising

Once you have arranged your challenge, set up a fundraising page and start spreading the word! It's as simple as that. Download our fundraising pack for fundraising tips and resources.

Get the Gear

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Fundraising Tips

Download our pack for useful tips and resources to kick-start your fundraising plans

Step 4: Tell us about your fundraising (and get your PSC Support top)

Tell us about your fundraising challenge in the form below so we can send you your free PSC Support top to wear with pride.


Our Kilimanjaro trip was the adventure of a lifetime with memories impossible to forget. Dr Phil brought so much joy with his passion for dancing with the porters and Vic kept the smile on our faces. You don't come back quite the same person you were when you left!


I knew this challenge would push me to my limits and it did. However, my unforgettable journey to the summit of Kilimanjaro was made possible through the incredible friendships that were made throughout these six days.


Discover Adventure got me to the Roof of Africa in style, safety and with a smile on my face!


AWESOME! From meeting at the airport to touching down at home it was 1st class. The DA staff were brilliant, the group were great and the local support crew were exceptional. I couldn't recommend the whole trip highly enough. Brilliant!