All about primary sclerosing cholangitis

Everything you need to know

Accessing the most up-to-date, accurate information is essential when you have a rare and complex disease like PSC. All of our information is checked by PSC experts and supported by evidence and it is free and easy to access - no registration required.

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About PSC Support

All About PSC Support

PSC Support is the leading UK-based organisation for anyone affected by primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC).

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Who gets PSC

All About PSC

Up-to-date, accurate information on everything you need to know about PSC.

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Your medical care

Your Medical Care

How PSC and your symptoms are managed: treatments, complications, how to work with your medical team and situations requiring urgent care.

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Just diagnosed tips

Just Diagnosed?

Ten tips on handling your diagnosis from people living with PSC.

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How to explain PSC

Explaining PSC

PSC is complex and difficult to explain. Our infographic makes it easy.

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Information for friends and family

Know Someone With PSC?

12 things you should understand about having PSC.

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Live your life

Live Your Life

Tips on living well with PSC.

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Acronyms and medical terms explained.

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