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Global PSC Awareness Day 2021

Global PSC Awareness Day 2021

29 October 2021

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Support around the globe

🌍 PSC knows no boundaries. On Friday 29th October, we will be raising awareness of our disease on a global scale with other patient organisations around the world.

International PSC Webinar

We've partenered with the European Liver Patients' Association and other patient groups to bring you a selection of presentations on Global PSC Awareness Day with speakers from around the world, including Dr Palak Trivedi from the UK.

How can you help?

Share your experience of PSC

Talking about living with a rare, incurable disease like PSC is a great way to help raise awareness, like these patient stories. Send us your story: tell us about receiving your diagnosis and how life has been since that day? Use the hashtags #PSCAware and #RareLiverDisease in your posts.

Explain PSC

PSC is complex and difficult to explain. Our infographic and video make it easy.

Easily share these infographics on social media from this page.

Share social media on the day

The European Liver Patients Association and other patient organisations around the globe will be posting on social media. Please share and like our posts to help us reach as many people as ususal.

Send in a video

To highlight the first ever Global PSC Awareness Day, we’d like to share a video of people from around the world saying ‘Happy Global PSC Awareness Day from [your city &/or country]’ in their own languages.

Along with other PSC patient groups, we are going to put them all together and broadcast them to help raise awareness of PSC.

Please do a quick recording of this on your phone and send it to PSC Support Australia. PSC Support Australia have someone who will splice all the videos together so they can be shared on social media and websites.

Last day to send video: 22 October 2021