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PSC is referred to as ‘the last black box in hepatology’ because there is so much we don’t yet understand about the condition, despite impressive progress in the last decade.


Step by step, researchers and scientists are systematically breaking down the PSC puzzle and building a fundamental understanding of the factors at play in our condition.  We need to understand why the bile ducts are attacked, how the bile ducts respond to being attacked, and why and how to change that process. People with PSC urgently need a treatment that works and we can all play a part in finding a cure as soon as possible. Collectively we can make a difference.


Your blood holds vital clues

Anyone with PSC (including children) in the UK can give a blood sample to UK-PSC.

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Access research trials and studies

There are a number of research trials in the UK investigating potential new therapies for PSC.

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Understanding life with PSC

Researchers and doctors know there's more to PSC than biological processes!

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Updated 15 June 2017

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