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Choose a topic to help improve care for young people

Chance for young people to help choose the 2020 RCPCH &Us youth led project!

This is a very short newsflash, just to make sure as many children and young people across the UK up to the age of 25 get the chance to vote.

The topics to choose from have been selected based on consultation responses at RCPCH &Us events over the last year from over 1,000 children and young people.

Choose a topic area

The RCPCH &Us team would now like them to have the chance to choose one topic area that they would like to see developed into a child/youth led project in 2020.

The topics are:

  • Awareness of health conditions
    • For example, campaigns / training to increase young people’s knowledge of health conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes, asthma, sickle cell, cystic fibrosis + more
  • Being healthy, happy and well
    • For example, supporting young people to make positive choices / get good advice on food, sleep, exercise, relationships, managing health conditions + more
  • Improving skills of workers
    • For example, support and training for staff from education, work, health and parents / carers on how to have health conversations with young people
  • My story. Once
    • For example, reducing the amount of times you have to retell your health worry or condition to different health workers
  • Youth friendly health services
    • For example, doctors, hospitals, mental health services being accessible and aware of young people’s needs, getting support where and when you need it
  • Young people’s rights in health
    • For example, confidentiality, consent, whether parents/carers have to know what is happening, decision making
  • Something else!

Vote now

Complete the online ballot by 4pm on 04 November 2019.

Thanks for your support with this newsflash - the results will be shared on Universal Children's Day, 20 November as part of the RCPCH &Us United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child celebrations.