Helping Your Cause

Writing a great personal story

When you create your online fundraising page, you will be asked to include some words about your cause. This is a great opportunity to let your family and friends know why your fundraising challenge is so important to you and how their sponsorship money will be used. The easiest way to do it is to tell it like a story.

Of course, its your story to write, but here are some great ideas to get you started and an example personal story.

Copy and paste from this template and add your own ideas and details:

How are you associated with PSC?

I have/My friend has just been diagnosed with PSC.

I/My friend was diagnosed with PSC 8 years ago.

I am/My friend is on the transplant list because of PSC.

How have you (or person you know) been affected by PSC?

When I was first diagnosed, I was worried and completely in the dark.

Because of PSC, I am constantly fatigued/itchy/in pain.

My friend was diagnosed with PSC and I just want to do something to help them.

I hadn’t ever heard of PSC until recently and now I want to raise awareness of this rare liver disease.

About PSC

Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) is a rare and poorly understood autoimmune disease of the bile ducts. Symptoms can be severe and unpredictable, sometimes progressing rapidly to end stage liver disease, requiring a liver transplant. PSCers have increased chances of developing some cancers, including bile duct cancer and colon cancer. More than three quarters also live with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Even after a liver transplant, PSC returns in around 25% of patients.

PSC patients have no way of slowing or stopping the progress of this devastating disease and desperately need a cure.

About PSC Support

PSC Support is a UK charity dedicated to helping people affected by Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) and is run by a small team of volunteers, totally funded from charitable donations. This means that every penny you donate will be used carefully to support and make a real difference to PSC sufferers and their families. PSC Support relies on fundraisers to continue their vital work.

How has PSC Support helped you? Why is this important to you?

PSC Support helps to improve medical awareness of PSC.

PSC Support has helped me understand more about the condition, and given me up to date, accurate information about managing my symptoms.

PSC Support has given me reassurance and support and given us a place to share our own experiences and worries with other who understand.

PSC Support makes us realise we are not alone.

PSC Support has given us hope because they fund vital research which means that one day PSC patients will have the treatments or even cure they so desperately need.

What does PSC Support do to help people affected by PSC?

PSC Support :

  • provides up to date and accurate information to anyone affected by PSC

  • helps PSCers connect with others sharing similar experiences

  • provides support to patients and their families

  • funds vital medical research

  • promotes education and awareness about PSC to the medical community

  • advocates for PSC patients to improve clinical care

  • advocates for PSC patients regarding liver transplant policy and services

  • promotes organ donation


Example personal story

My partner was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) 8 years ago. PSC is a rare and poorly understood chronic liver condition that does not have any successful treatments or a cure. When we found out my partner had PSC we were completely in the dark. We had no idea what it meant for us, our family and our future, it was an extremely worrying time. The fact that there are so many unanswered questions about PSC makes it so much harder to deal with. As soon as my partner got the diagnosis I wanted to do everything I could to help. I felt useless but I couldn't just sit back and watch, I had to do something. That is why I am taking on this challenge to raise money for PSC Support.

The charity have given us so much support and reassurance! They have provided us with accurate information about PSC, making us much more knowledgeable about the condition. They have also provided us with a place share our experiences and worries with other PSC patients online and also at the meetings, this is absolutely priceless and makes us realise we are not alone. They also give us so much hope for the future as they provide vital funds into PSC research which means that one day PSC patients will have the treatments and the cure that they so desperately need.

PSC Support is a small UK charity and is run completely by volunteers. They rely on fundraisers to enable them to continue their amazing and vital work.

Please consider sponsoring me and helping this great cause with as little or as much as you can!

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