How will PSC Support Appraise your Grant Application?

Grant Applications - Appraisal Criteria


Grants are awarded on the basis of scientific merit and clear relevance to PSC Support’s Research Strategy.

Scientific Appraisal Criteria Guide


  1. Relevance of idea or proposal

Refer to PSC Support’s Research Strategy. How does the proposal relate to our charity aims and priorities?

  1. Patient-Relevant outcomes

Is the proposal testing patient-centred outcomes eg quality of life, survival, itching, pain, fatigue, group identification (eg high risk cancer, high risk PSC)/ making progress towards using patient-centred outcomes in the future?

  1. Originality

Does the proposal address an important and valid research question? Also refer to PSC Patients’ Unanswered Questions.

  1. Realistic costing and value for money

Is the budget realistic, value for money and costs justified?

  1. Relationship to and the volume of research already available in the field

Has the proposal considered relevant PSC literature and developments?

  1. Scientific quality or methodology

What is the quality of the experimental design or method?

  1. Expertise of researchers

Does the research team have the right expertise for the proposed research?


Use of Animals in Research (scientific reviewers)


Funding applications involving the use of animals must comply with the law and support the principle of the 3Rs to refine, reduce and replace the use of animals in research. PSC Support supports the AMRC Statement on Animal Research.


Our expectations for responsible use of animals are set out in the document Responsibility in the use of animals in bioscience research and in PSC Support’s Guidance for Research Panel - Animal Research.


Lay Appraisal Criteria Guide

The research grant applications are considered by lay reviewers (usually patients) as well as by scientific experts. Lay reviewers will appraise the application based on the importance of this research and the potential difference this could make to people affected by PSC, and the progress this research could make towards answering and ‘unanswered research question’.

Patients are involved in appraising research applications because PSC Support places great value of the patient voice. For this reason, there is no word limit on the lay summary section of the application form. While patients might not fully comprehend the technical and scientific aspects of the project, they are interested in what the project entails.

  1. Importance of this research to people with PSC

Do you think this research is important to people with PSC?

  1. Likelihood that this research will make a difference to people with PSC

Do you think the outcomes of this research will make a difference to people with PSC?

  1. Makes progress towards an ‘unanswered question’ in PSC

Do you think this research is answering one of our ‘unanswered questions’ or making progress to answering one?


Appraisal Criteria

 Guidance for Research Panel - Animal Research

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March 2015