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Impact of PSC on wellbeing

We're working with psychologists to improve wellbeing for people affected by PSC


Being diagnosed with PSC can be a real challenge. We know it’s not easy trying to lead a normal life whilst having an unpredictable, untreatable disease that brings with it so much uncertainty and so many often invisible yet debilitating symptoms, like pain and fatigue, and the increased risk of some cancers. PSC Support is doing something about it.

We are proud to be working with psychologists from the Tavistock Centre to address the psychological impact of living with PSC:

Dr Ranieri and the team reviewed available scientific literature that looked at the impact of PSC on mental health and wellbeing. They found that PSC is accompanied by significant reductions in psychological health and quality of life.

Articulating and evidencing this is an important step in our mission not only to find effective medical treatments for PSC, but to improve the wellbeing of those affected.

Dr Ranieri suggests that future PSC research should include psychological perspectives from people with PSC. We couldn’t agree more!

Read more about how we're addressing the psychological needs of people with PSC.

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