Jessica Gavin

Jess is running in the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon, having got her individual place after five failed applications and three marathons!

"My time in Paris gave me a “Good for Age” entry (no laughing please).  I promise this is the last legs, knees and feet are screaming no.  However, there is one thing getting me through training in hailstones, torrential rain and gale storms winds and that is that I am running in aid of PSC Support."

"One of my closest friends was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (“PSC”), a rare liver disease that has no cure. As well as liver deterioration (in some cases leading to liver failure and liver transplantation for those lucky enough to get a donor organ) PSC sufferers have a significant increase in the risks of bowel, liver and pancreatic cancers.  Living with PSC is tough. It’s hard to cope with the symptoms that can affect all aspects of your life, whilst knowing that things could take a dramatic turn for the worse at any point.  However, she has taken the diagnosis in her stride, continues to life to the fullest and is an inspiration to us all!!"

To sponsor Jessica, visit her Virgin Money Giving page and donate today! We are delighted that Jessica chose PSC Support as her nominated charity. We are looking forward to watching her race and cheering her on. If you spot her on the day, give her a cheer from us. Thank you Jess, and good luck!"