Julie Howell

Congratulations to Julie once again!

"After the effort of training and the event in such dreadful conditions last year, I had vowed not to repeat it! Unfortunately I do have a sporting competitive streak in me and when we came to the new year, I suggested to my running friend that we repeated the triathlon again.

Training began quite well. I was feeling well so all went swimmingly (sorry about the pun). Then my health wasn't as good, I was experiencing increasing bouts of pain. As a consequence training slowed in intensity. All in all, the PSC meant that I went into the event far less prepared.

Thankfully conditions were good and I completed the event in just under two hours, still quite a slow time. I spoke with a seasoned triathlete on the morning of the event who said "complete not compete". Excellent advice.

I was determined to complete the sprint triathlon and one way to ensure I followed through, was to get in my entry and to put up sponsor forms both at work and at my bowls club. Having already been very well supported last year by work colleagues I decided to just fundraise via sponsor forms. Having briefly spoken at a ladies meeting at my bowls club about PSC, the ladies section of the club have chosen PSC support as their charity for the season. Last year friends and family were very generous so this year I decided not to use 'Just Giving'.

Regardless I should raise in excess of £150 and sponsorship is still being given.

I have promised my family that I will NOT be doing the triathlon again next year. Fatigue and pain from PSC are quite exhausting so exercise will be more low key, plenty of swimming and cycling but no more triathlons!"

Thank you Julie! You have our full admiration for your determination and resilliance! It isn't easy to undertake such a challenge at the best of times, let alone with PSC. You have done brilliantly and we're delighted to see that despite not feeling on top form, you beat last year's time!


Last year...


Congratulations to Julie and Carole!

"This is the two of us at the end, still smiling or is it a grimace! I finished in about 2 hrs 10mins. The conditions were awful, even the seasoned triathletes were not enjoying the very windy conditions. One or two gusts nearly took me off my bike into the hedge. Now back home relaxing with a mug of tea and toast and honey, real comfort food.
Money still coming in, kind donations make everything worthwhile."


Julie has recently been diagnosed with PSC. Despite the fatigue that PSC brings, Julie and her friend Carole have embrked on training for the Tewkesbury Sprint Triathlon, a combination of the disciplines of swimming, cycling and running. Julie already enjoys keeping as fit as possible but readily accepts that 'the challenge will be to complete all three one after the other!'

If you would like to show your support for Carole and Julie, visit her JustGiving page.

Good luck Julie and Carole from all at PSC Support.