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Liver Transplant Centres Prepare for the Second Wave of COVID-19

Continuing with transplants where possible

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Transplant programmes continuing where possible

As in the first wave, COVID-19 has affected transplant centres in different ways in different regions. As the number of coronavirus infections has risen, so has the strain on capacity and resources in hospitals across the country.

However, there is now evidence to suggest that the risk of a bad outcome from coronavirus infection for new transplant patients may be less than the risk in those waiting for transplant.

Based on this information, the Clinical Directors from the seven UK transplant centres have informed us that they are planning to continue their liver transplant programmes at this time, although, some liver transplant centres are only able to carry out the most clinically urgent liver transplants due to the extreme pressures they are under.

Under constant review

It's important to note that the situation is under constant review and transplant centres would only consider pausing all transplantation as a last resort.

If your transplant centre does need to pause liver transplantation for an extended period, you would be given the option of having your care referred to another transplant centre.

All seven liver transplant centres have been working together along with PSC Support and other patient organisations, to ensure equity of access to transplantation across the UK and a smooth transition if this situation were to arise. Your options would always be discussed with you before any decisions were made.


You should expect to receive a letter from your transplant doctor outlining the current situation at your liver transplant centre in due course. It is important to read the letter carefully as it will give you details of how to contact your centre should you have any questions or concerns.

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