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Liver Transplantation and PSC video

We've uploaded the latest video from our Information Day at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. This is a great overview of liver transplantation for PSC, covering:

  • How common is liver transplant for PSC in the UK?
  • When do doctors think about referring someone for liver transplant assessment?
    • Problems with cirrhosis
    • Recurrent episodes of cholangitis
    • Persistently elevated bilirubin
    • Other considerations
  • What is the process for getting on the liver transplant waiting list?
  • What does the hospital do for the patient while on the waiting list to keep them as fit as possible?
  • Recurrent PSC after transplantation (especially choices made about IBD surgery)
  • National Liver Offering Scheme
    • Donation after brain death
    • Donation after circulatory death Liver offering arrangements -
    • Transplant Benefit Score (21 recipient factors, 7 donor factors)
  • Living Donor Liver Transplant
  • Cholangiocarcinoma/PSC and liver transplant
  • Niggles and pains after liver transplantation

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