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London 2018 PSC Information Day


Videos of some of the presentations given at our London 2018 Information Day (December 2018).

PSC Research - Professor Douglas Thorburn

An ideal introduction to PSC, especially if you or someone you know has just been diagnosed.

This video covers:

  • The challenges of PSC
  • UK-PSC
  • Recently reported treatment studies
  • Up and coming PSC trials in 2019

What to Expect from your PSC Doctor - Dr Aileen Marshall

This video covers:

  • Establishing the correct diagnosis
  • How common is PSC?
  • What is PSC? - Alternative diagnoses - How is PSC diagnosed?
  • Liver biopsies
  • Who can develop PSC?
  • General lifestyle advice PSC: what could happen?
  • PSC: progression is not inevitable
  • Symptoms for PSC Treatment of symptoms: itch
  • Treatment of symptoms: fatigue Treatment of jaundice
  • Regular check-up tests

Living with PSC: a Patient's Perspective

Maxine talks about living with PSC

This video covers:

  • Diagnosis as a teenager
  • Being listed for a liver transplant
  • Organ donation
  • Life after liver transplant.

Liver transplants

Everything you need to know about having a liver transplant

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What is PSC?

What exactly is PSC? We've got the basics covered #PSCFacts