Mark Chatterley - hair today, gone tomorrow

Mark didn't want presents for his 30th. He wanted to do something for PSC Support.

"Usually," he says in his video, "People do something impressive or amazing: they run a long way, or they climb a large mountain, or something of that ilk. That's not for me; I don't do running, I don't really do a lot of walking - I'm more of a...geek than than and so I thought, 'What can I do?'"

Mark has been on quite a PSC journey in recent years. He even spent the first two weeks of married life in hospital. He's blogged some of these experiences, which are particularly relevant for those facing teh prospect of joining the liver transplant waiting list.

So what did Mark do next?


This was inspired and entertaining fundraising. Removing his hair bit by bit, style by style was brilliant in so many ways. We truly appreciate Mark's incredible efforts and commitment to PSC Support in parting with his (originally) full head of hair.

Thank you to Mark, his chief hair stylist and his generous sponsors for raising over £1,200 for PSC Support and helping to educate the world about PSC.

And finally, just because we can, #MarksHairDay with theme tune ;-)