Matthew Tough Mudder Failes

Lorraine, a ‘PSC parent’ and one of our volunteers (and many of you will ‘know’ her from our Facebook Group), got in touch last year after her son, Matthew, decided to take up the Tough Mudder Challenge in aid of PSC Support.

Matthew wrote an excellent Just Giving message about why he was attempting to complete the Tough Mudder:

Like me, not many of you will have heard of PSC before now. PSC is an uncommon chronic liver disease where the bile ducts inside and outside the liver progressively narrow due to inflammation and scarring, resulting in liver damage.

Sadly, my brother, Jonny, was diagonosed with it earlier this year. It can really impact on the lives of those with the condition, many of whom are young adults. Unfortunately, it has no cure and no treatment. The charity, PSC Support, helps people affected by PSC and is run by volunteers. They have already provided my family with a lot of support with understanding the illness. They also help raise awareness of PSC and organ donation and raise funding for research.

So in order to help Jonny, and others like him, I'm going to complete the Tough Mudder event in July. I hope you will take the opportunity to sponsor me to raise some money for PSC Support.


"Tough Mudder events are hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie."


You can still check out the map of Drumlanrig Castle grounds, Scotland, where the Tough Mudder took Place.


Matthew raised a fantastic £1196 for PSC Support. So impressed were we with his achievement that we gave Matthew the award for Toughest Fundraiser 2012.


Well done Matthew and thank you for completing the Tough Mudder for PSC Support.