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A poem for Mike's wife

Mike poem

Thank you to Mike O for sending us this beautiful poem dedicated to his wife.

I wake up in the morning and see you sleeping there

I hate to go and leave you with the cross you have to bear

You've been up all night in pain, alone and in the dark

I could not stay awake with you, which always breaks my heart

So I kiss you on the head and out the room I sneak

For I do not want to wake you, when you've just dropped off to sleep

From the minute I've left, I want to check that you're ok

But I will not ring you up until later on that day

For I know that you are struggling, trying to have a doze

Even too tired to change into your clothes

As soon as you stir, you're running to the loo

You have to get there quick, cos' you just have to!

Eventually, the pain subsides, but now it's nearly lunch

You feel so sick and drained, you can only nibble and not munch

We talk on the phone, I know you're not well

Tho you try to hide it, in your voice , I can tell

I'm sad and feel guilty, I've left you all alone

I'd do anything to be with you, back there in our home

But the afternoon is coming and time it will creep

And so you must go back, to bed for a sleep

Three hours later, you wake to me there

I am home with a hug to show you I care

I know it's not much, but it's the best I can do

I'll never be able to show, how much that I love you

Your sleep didn't work, you don't feel refreshed

Your energy's gone, you feel in a mess

I'll help make the tea, Hoover and dust

The gardens and ironing to save you I must

The evening draws on and your pain, it grows stronger

I wish our time together would go on for longer

It's now time to rest and time for our bed

The stairs are a mountain, your legs are like lead

Sometimes, you manage to sleep the night through

That's when I'm awake, to watch over you

For when you are sleeping, I don't know you're alright

So I check that you're breathing, all through the night

I'll love you and care for you, for a million years

I'll give you all of my blood, sweat and tears

If it would cure you, I'd give you all I have left

I'd donate all my organs, give you my last breath

I feel your every pain, and your suffering I see

Your invisible illness, only visible to me

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