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Latest News

Maxine at EURORDIS training

Medicine Development Training

June 16, 2019

This week, Maxine, PSC Support’s Programme Development Officer, has been extending her knowledge in this area with EURORDIS, the European patient organisation for rare diseases.

Organ donation scotland

Presumed Consent for Scotland

June 12, 2019

Another step towards presumed consent organ donation in Scotland.

Aspirin survey results

Cancer Prevention Survey Results

June 12, 2019

Survey results published: reducing the risk of cancer is important to people affected by PSC and they are interested in helping reduce the risks of PSC-related cancers.

Taking part in a clinical trial for PSC

Taking Part in Research – Patient Perspective

June 9, 2019

How do you get on a clinical trial for PSC? What’s involved? Gareth shares his experience.