Hard To Find Urso? Update

Experiencing Ursodeoxycholic Acid Prescriptions Problems?

Update 29 January 2015: Wockhardt UK  confirmed that their stock issue persists and will do so for a further 2-3 months. Both Dr Falk Pharma Limited and Norgine Ltd are stocking Urso but Norgine have pointed out that demand is very high and they're working hard to ensure they are able to meet this increased demand. Please ensure you order your repeat prescriptions of urso in good time to allow your chemist to order in stock if necessary.

Update 26 November 2014: Norgine Ltd confirmed today that there is an issue with an active ingredient and stock is low. They are expecting new stock in mid to late December. You can call Deborah Chesham at Norgine Ltd on 01895 453659 for updates on stock. She is happy to speak to patients. Wockhardt UK have also confirmed availability issues due to a recent product recall on urso after a manufacturing issue and are unlikely to have new supplies before January/February 2015. Of course we will keep in contact with all three manufacturers, and update you as soon as we hear about new stock.

We've been hearing from some PSCers that their pharmacists are experiencing availability issues when fulfilling Ursodeoxycholic acid prescriptions. We have been in contact with Dr Falk Pharma Limited, who are a manufacturer of Urso. They report that there are no current manufacturing or distribution issues at this time.

Here are some tips to help avoid running out of Urso:

  • Order your repeat prescription well in advance
  • Ask your GP for 2 months' prescription
  • Ask your chemist to contact other branches/regions for Urso
  • Try other chemists in your area

If your chemist is still unable to supply your Urso, they can contact Dr Falk Pharma Limited who will put them in touch with the emergency supplier for Urso. Patients should not call Falk directly as they are unable to deal directly with the general public.