Mud, Sweat and Tears Challenge 2017

Please join us in giving Kieran Pidgeon (and his washing machine) a massive thank you for his dedication these last twelve months in raising awareness of PSC and funds to beat it. He's raised over £3,800 in both on- and offline donations for PSC Support through a tough series of challenges with his family and friends.

"I’ve finally crossed my finish line for the Mud, Sweat and Tears Challenge 2017

12 months, 23 events, 217 miles, 1 bake sale,1 car boot,1 pub quiz, and a new washing machine (thanks Tough Mudder) later and you have helped raised £3,838.63p

Thank you if you have run with me 

Thank you if you have cycled with me 

Thank you if you have attempted to answer questions while.... erm 'tipsy'

THANK YOU if you have put your hand in your pocket to sponsor anybody linked to this challenge

Looking back on this year has humbled me with the support I’ve had and the amount raised. I never dreamt that we could raise so much thank you thank you thank you!

Fitness based stupidity to raise awareness of PSC because it's close to my heart (about 2 inches below it)"

Very well done this year, Kieran. Thank you very much for your amazing determination and strength. We've loved the sense of humour that shines through in all of your messages!