Prescription Charges Coalition News - Northern Ireland

On Tuesday 17 February, Northern Ireland Health Minister, Jim Wells MLA announced a consultation on access to new specialist medicines in Northern Ireland.  As part of this, the Government want to reconsider the provision of free prescriptions in Northern Ireland.  Prescription charges were abolished in Northern Ireland in 2010.

The Prescription Charges Coalition is opposing any reintroduction of charges for people with long-term conditions.  We believe that everyone with a long-term condition should be exempt from prescription charges wherever they live in the UK.

In a joint statement, we highlight the fact that medication is extremely important to help people with long-term conditions to manage their symptoms and lead independent lives.

There is a strong evidence base which demonstrates that prescription charges act as a barrier to people with long-term conditions obtaining the medication they require. This can lead to poor management of the condition and complications that may result in greater cost to health and social services.

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