PSC Support research award announced today

Single cell transcript analysis of liver infiltrating lymphocytes in primary sclerosing cholangitis by fine needle aspiration of the liver.

We are delighted to announce that PSC Support has awarded funding of £20,000 to the University of Oxford to Dr Kate Williamson's cutting edge research to characterise the subtypes and function of liver immune cells in PSC/UC as compared with controls using single cell technology.

This study provides an additional layer of investigation of samples being collected in an existing study by Dr Williamson (The PSC FNA Liver Study) and is the first study to look at cell type and function in an extremely detailed way in human PSC livers. It is using exciting, cutting edge technology, which has only just started being applied to human cells. To use this technology in PSC as a lead liver condition will not only tell us a huge amount about the pathogenesis of PSC, but also significantly raise the profile of PSC research.

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