Today is Rare Disease Day

Did you know only 7 people per million are diagnosed with the rare liver disease, PSC, each year1?

BBC Radio Northampton interviewed PSC Support Trustee, Karen Rockell about her four rare diseases this morning. She was up and at 'em early talk about living with a rare disease (four in Karen's case), coping with invisible disease, accessing expert care and her experience of participating in the Transplant Games.

Listen from 2:43:43 to 2:49:50 (available until 28 March 2019)

Great interview! Thanks Karen!

1 Webb G RR, Marshall T, Hirschfield GM. Posters (Abstract 330 Autoimmune liver disease in the UK: a national primary care evaluation of disease geoepidemiology).  The Liver Meeting; 2017/10/01. Hepatology: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd; 2017. p. 149-1185.