Nick Kane

Earlier this year, Nick Kane challenged himself to run the Berlin Marathon 2014, for his wife who has PSC. With unlimited energy, both during the marathon as seen by his sprint finish and presence of mind to pose for photos along the way, and after the marathon with plans to continue to raise awareness of PSC and vital funds to support PSC patients and PSC research. Huge thanks to Nick and his friend Rob Stow for their hard work and commitment to PSC Support.

We heard from Nick, "Unfortunately, earlier this year my wife was diagnosed with PSC. I have fundraised for a number of years for Crohn's and Colitis UK, and this development has really focussed my fund raising for my new charity.

I have done the Great North Run for four years now, but with this development I felt that I needed a bigger challenge, something which would allow me to raise a much bigger amount, but also push myself to improve my fitness (I've always been fairly lazy...).

With great trepidation I signed up to the Berlin Marathon 2014, alongside my friend Rob Stow. In the build-up to the run I tore a ligament in my foot playing squash and my participation was in doubt. I spent a number of weeks in Physio, doing exercises and eventually running outside to finally build the strength up in my foot. Over a number of months I clocked up over 200 miles of training ahead of the big day.

The day itself almost feels like a blur already. The atmosphere was incredible, with 40,000 people from all over the world taking part. I found the first half of the run ok, but the second half was incredibly painful on my body. Thankfully I found enough energy to get through in a time of 4 hours and 49 minutes, even managing to complete a sprint finish through the Brandenburg gate. If you had asked me to run a marathon a year ago, I would have called you crazy!

More importantly, we raised a staggering £1700+ (including gift aid) between us, with a lot of kind donations from family, friends, colleagues and through social media contacts! I'm now hoping to do more fundraising in the upcoming year with a charity football match, a coast-2-coast cycle ride and another marathon."

Well done and thank you, Nick and Rob. What a fantastic feat and we are looking forward to hearing about your next challenge!