Our Objectives

Our objectives are to:

  • provide information and support to those affected by PSC.
  • work with partners to promote awareness of PSC, current research and the need for organ donation.
  • support PSC-related medical practitioners and researchers by:
    • giving PSC patients access to the latest relevant medical information to promote patient participation in essential trials;
    • providing grants towards projects that have specific target outcomes.
  • develop effective partnerships between PSC Support and medical practitioners, researchers, policy makers and people affected by PSC.


In order to achieve these objectives, we:

  • publish e-newsletters for our members and maintain a website containing details of the latest PSC research and developments, shared experiences from fellow PSCers, friends and family, fundraising activities, and information on our health and managing our symptoms.

  • arrange national meetings in Oxford, Birmingham and London, giving members the opportunity to meet others affected by PSC and listen to the very latest research updates (including questions and answers sessions) from hospital consultants with a special interest in PSC.

  • provide support through online communities.

  • enable PSCers to talk to people who have been through similar experiences.

  • support UK PSC research, including the UK-PSC Study.

  • promote awareness and education about PSC to the medical community.

  • advocate for PSC patients to improve clinical care.

  • advocate for PSC patients regarding liver transplantation.

  • promote organ donation.

  • provide contact through local support groups.

  • provide research grants for high quality PSC research.