Register for our PSC Support 2017 Oxford meeting!

Saturday, 23 September 2017 - 11:00am

Date: 23 September 2017 12pm-3:45pm

Venue: John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford (Dr Roger Chapman and Dr Kate Williamson)


12pm Simple buffet lunch served

1pm Session One
Dr Chapman: An overview of PSC – diagnosis and management
Dr Williamson: The latest publications in PSC – what do they all mean?
Dr Williamson: What PSC research trials are currently running in the UK?

2pm Coffee break

2.20pm Session Two
Martine Walmsley: PSC Support update and vote*
Elena Marcus: PSC Quality of Life Measure update
Karen Rockell: Positivity Toolbox for PSC

3:45pm Meeting ends

*PSC Support Vote:
It is proposed that, following the written consent of the Charity Commission dated 11 July 2017 the Charity’s objects be altered as follows:

1. The relief of those suffering from liver diseases or disorders (in particular but without limitation PSC), and related disorders;
2. The advancement of public awareness of PSC, other liver disease and related disorders; and
3. The advancement of both the treatment and prevention of PSC and other liver disease and related disorders.

The current objects are:
‘The relief of sickness of people suffering from liver diseases or disorders, including relieving the needs of their carers.’

You asked us for more notice about meetings to enable you to plan your travel, so registrations are now open. Everyone is welcome. We will provide a simple buffet lunch. 

Free to attend but you must register first. We're looking forward to meeting you!


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