Quality of life for people with PSC

23 March 2019
Please help us ensure PSC patients are being asked the right questions to assess quality of life

PSC research is a top priority in the UK liver community

11 March 2019
Your survey responses have been acted upon and heard

PSC Support works with researchers to improve PSC diagnosis

1 February 2019
We are working with researchers to remove the uncertainty around diagnosing PSC

UK-PSC Risk Scores for PSC

3 January 2019
A new 2 year and 10 year UK-PSC risk score tool for PSC

Impact of PSC on mental health and wellbeing

25 November 2018
We're working with psychologists to improve wellbeing for people affected by PSC

What are PSC patients thinking?

15 November 2018
Find out what patients think about having PSC and their attitudes to research and treatments

Results from NGM282 drug trial in PSC

11 November 2018
Results of another drug trial for PSC have now been published following preliminary results announced last year

Results GS-9674 drug trial in PSC

10 November 2018
GS-9674 led to significant improvements in liver biochemistry and markers of cholestasis in PSC patients

PSC Support Research Funding Grants

30 October 2018
The latest PSC Support grant round closes on 9 January 2019

A prediction tool for doctors

8 October 2018
Predicting risk in PSC: PREsTo

The impact of colectomy type following liver transplant for PSC

12 June 2018
Colectomies and PSC transplant: end ileostomy compared to ileal-pouch anal anastomosis (IPAA).

PSC Support responds to EMA consultation on behalf of patients

14 August 2017
The European Medicines Agency is evaluating clinical trial design in PSC

PSC Support joins PSC Forum

19 June 2017
The PSC Forum launches to accelerate PSC research

Update on PSC from Dr Roger Chapman

31 May 2017
An Open Access publication on PSC and an interview with Dr Chapman

PSC Support at the International Liver Congress 2017

21 May 2017
Report about the EASL 2017 International Liver Congress, Amsterdam, April 2017...

VAP-1 in PSC: latest findings published

21 April 2017
New and exciting findings about the activity of the enzyme, VAP-1

Treatments for PSC and PBC

18 April 2017
Update on pharmacotherapies for cholestatic liver disease

Factors affecting clinical course of PSC

11 March 2017
Patient Age, Sex, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease Phenotype Associated With Course of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

Update on the genetics of PSC

10 March 2017
New discoveries from an international PSC genetic study open the door to new potential drug targets and trials

How patients use online resources

1 January 2015
PSC Support is delighted to be identified as a trusted patient resource
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