Pregnancy and Urso

A recent small study (Antoniazzi et al 2011) found that the outcome of pregnancy in PSC patients had a favourable outcome.

Neither mothers nor babies showed any ill effects. All women with PSC were taking ursodeoxycholic acid (15 mg/Kg/day) during pregnancy except for the first trimester. If you are considering starting a family and have PSC, speak to your consultant first. It is likely that you will be closely monitored and may need to alter some of your medications before trying for a baby.

Reviewed 10/05/12


Antoniazzi, Gervasi, Costa, Cazzagon and Floreani, 2011. The outcome of pregnancy in patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis. Abstracts of the A.I.S.F. Annual Meeting 2010 /Digestive and Liver Disease 43S (2011), S65–S108

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