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Presumed Consent for Scotland

Scotland will move to an opt-out system for organ donation after a majority of MSPs voted to support the change yesterday.

It means there will be a presumption of consent for organ donation unless a person has indicated that they do not wish to be a donor.

Wales already has this system in place and England is set to move to a ‘presumed consent’ system too.

Clare Blake, PSC patient, shared her views on the new legislation, and the value and importance of organ donation with Organ Donation Scotland:

“I think one of the current issues is that people don’t get round to joining the register.  People don’t tend to think about their own mortality.  Before all of this hit me personally, it never crossed my mind. 

“It’s totally a personal choice, and you have to be respectful of people’s reasons for choosing not to donate.  But actually making that decision is important. Hopefully the change in the system will encourage people to think about it and discuss their wishes with their family.  That chat is so important and it takes all of five minutes.

“From a donor family perspective, I understand concerns around soft opt-out taking away the ‘gift’ element.  I would say look at me, I will forever look at what I have been given as a gift.  That will never go away.  I wouldn’t be here without my donor and I won’t be the only person he saved.”

Have a 'wee chat'

Great short video encouraging friends and family to talk about organ donation.