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PSC and COVID-19

COVID-19 (also called 'coronavirus and 2019-nCov) has dominated the media all over the world in the past few weeks. With the number of cases rising, and daily briefings from the Prime Minister, we understand people may be worried or confused about what they need to do, particularly when they live with multiple health conditions.

Our helpline and online Facebook group have been busy with worried patients and family members. We've put together a summary covering the most common issued raised about COVID-19 over the last ten days, including information about shielding and extremely vulnerable groups

Other COVID-19 News

Free Flu Vaccine Available for More People

23 Sep 2020

It’s the season for flu vaccinations and members of households where someone was shielding are eligible to receive it.

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Be Distance Aware

04 Aug 2020

You may begin to see people out and about displaying the Distance Aware Shield. It is meant to signify that they are being mindful of social distancing, and would like others to do the same.

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Who is Vulnerable? COVID-19

18 Jul 2020

New guidance for healthcare professionals on which liver disease patients are highly vulnerable

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COVID-19 Patient Organisation Toolkit

15 Jul 2020

A communications toolkit for rare liver patient organisations.

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Care of Patients with Liver Disease during the COVID-19 Pandemic

09 Jul 2020

Care of liver disease patients during COVID-19 – summary of guidance for healthcare professionals.

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COVID-19 Survey

26 Jun 2020

Please can you answer a few questions about COVID-19 so we can better evidence the risks to patients?

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Shielding Update for England

22 Jun 2020

Shielding update for England

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10 Jun 2020

Reassuring video explaining COVID-19 risk for autoimmune liver disease patients

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Shielding Advice Updated in Scotland and Northern Ireland

09 Jun 2020

Announcements updating shielding advice in Scotland and Northern Ireland

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Shielding Advice Updated

31 May 2020

The shielding advice has been updated for England and Wales.

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