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PSC Research is a Top Priority in the UK Liver Community

Are some livers better than others

PSC is now officially an important area of research for liver disease community thanks to your survey answers.

Today results of the surveys and questions about research priorities across liver disease and gallbladder disorders have been published in the British Medical Journal. PSC Support has been the leading patient organisation involved in this James Lind Alliance initiative.

Patients, public, healthcare professionals and researchers agreed that the top ten unanswered research questions in liver disease include investigating treatments to cure or slow down progression of PSC and AIH, and treatments to reverse liver damage in PSC. Other priorities that made the top ten include finding the best immunosuppressants for liver transplant patients and testing machine perfusion for liver transplantation.

This is a huge step because major research funders like the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) are likely to allocate more research funding for issues that are top priorities to patients, carers and health providers.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in our past surveys to identify research priorities. We never undertake a survey lightly, and every question counts. Although it can sometimes take years to demonstrate the impact, we always work hard to ensure your voice is heard at the highest level and acted upon.